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Thanks to Ecotessili, producers can pre-register with the collective system with no obligation and at no cost. With pre-registration, the company benefits from:

  • a proactive, timely and relevant update on developments in legislation and requirements for producers;
  • a safeguard in case of sudden enforcement of the implementing decrees. Companies are free to finalise their membership in the Ecotessili consortium or choose other solutions available on the market;
  • participation in possible pilot projects to test the textile waste collection and treatment system;
  • free consultancy support from Ecotessili technicians for all EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) issues;
  • a service, which is already in place, to manage and optimise all their special waste;
  • use of the Ecotessili brand for corporate communication related to EPR and the circular economy.

Contact Ecotessili to pre-register.